Stump Grinding

Cheap Arborist NewcastleStump grinding can solve many problems. When a tree is removed, you’ll have the decision of whether to remove the stump or not. You may think that allowing a stump to remain in your yard may not pose any problems, but here are a few reasons to think again. Luckily Stump Grinding is an inexpensive solution to removing a tree trunk.

Why You Should Remove A Tree Stump in Your Yard

Tree stumps offer a lot of hazards – here are just a few:

  • Stumps detract from the look of your property. Aesthetically speaking, the sight of a tree stump definitely isn’t appealing. However, if you’re meticulous about your yard and landscaping, removing the stump is well worth it.
  • Stumps are hazardous. Stumps are dangerous to your children and pets. They may not look for the stump when running and playing in your yard and trip over it. And if a visitor or neighbour trips, it’s a liability that falls into your hands. In addition, tree stumps can damage your mower if you accidentally hit one when you’re mowing your lawn. Cha-Ching $$$ !!
  • Stumps can renew tree growth. Leaving the stump behind may not be the end of it. Once the shock wears off for the tree, it can and many times does rejuvenate itself and grow new sprouts. This can result in many small trees growing around the stump. This is really unsightly to your landscaping and quite costly to try to remove because the new shoots can keep coming back, and you may need chemicals to kill them off completely. Another thing is that these small trees are voracious eaters and can also leach nutrients from other nearby plants.
  • Stumps are a pain to manoeuvre the mower around. Mowing is a regular practice for good landscaping. Do you really want to navigate around a tree stump each time you mow or weed? A remaining tree stump is a nuisance and an obstacle you have to deal with when weeding or mowing your lawn.
  • Stumps attract insects. When you leave stumps in your lawn, the decaying tree takes a long time to rot away completely. While it’s decaying, the stump attracts termites, beetles, ants and other wood-boring pests. These pests will eventually tire of the same tasting stump meal and begin to move toward your house. But do you really want to risk them spreading to your home?
  • Stumps take up precious yard space. Especially if you don’t have a very large yard, the space you lose from the stump and roots may occupy a lot of space. You could use that space for a flower bed or a vegetable garden.

There you have it. Our top 6 reasons for removing a tree stump! Rely on our Newcastle arborists to get the job done right the first time.

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