Dead Wooding

Tree Lopping NewcastleDead Wooding is a very important part of tree maintenance. It’s where branches or limbs die off within a tree and can either break off or become vulnerable. These limbs can then fall over time or during periods of high winds and storms. Dead limbs can fall and injure people, property and pets if not removed in due time.

Also, if dead limbs are left, they will affect the tree's overall health as rot can set in and spread to healthy areas. As a tree grows, it is completely natural for it to produce a small amount of dead and dying wood. The general process of “dead wooding” is to remove the dead, dying and diseased branches throughout the crown.

The simple purpose of this is to make what’s known as the impact area (directly beneath the canopy of the trees) a safer environment to be in, so there is no chance of any limb falling from the tree’s canopy.

While an Arborist is removing the deadwood from the tree it is also good practice that crown cleaning will be included in the pruning operation. This way, any crossing, rubbing or damaged branches will be removed too.

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