When Do You Need An Arborist?

Arborist NewcastleFirst of all, let’s define what an Arborist is. An Arborist is an individual trained in the knowledge and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. If you’ve got a property with trees, the time will come when they need some attention from an Arborist.

It could be they need thinning or pruning (to allow more light and air flow), or the removal of deadwood (for safety and tree health), crown reduction for height restrictive areas (power lines or view obstruction), removal of lower branches (to allow easier access for mowing/walking) or the complete removal of a tree planted in the wrong place or diseased beyond help.

Doing Tree Care Yourself

Most homeowners figure they will save some money by attempting to do tree care themselves. What should come first to mind are your own safety, the safety of others and the finished look and health of the tree. Pruning a tree may seem simple, but unless you’re a hairdresser by trade, you’ll most likely end up having a misshapen tree. This is the most common mistake that do-it-yourself property owners make, and by the time we are called in to make corrections, the poor tree is somewhat shaken up. Just remember – don’t put yourself or others in danger, and make sure you’re not going to damage the tree.

Crown Problems

Another mistake property owners will make is that they will let the branches swing and fall down when doing a top cut, which rips the bark, creating a very large wound for the tree to heal. The open cut itself usually does damage, and the tree is left in bad shape, thus now vulnerable to pests as well as not looking aesthetically pleasing.

Climbing Dangers

Property owners also put themselves in a lot of danger when they attempt to prune big branches or start climbing. If you’re on a ladder or climbing a tree and not using a harness while working with a handsaw or chainsaw, then the chances of getting injured are pretty high! So, do be careful or, better yet – call an Arborist.

Tree Jobs That Need An Arborist

Let’s take a look at jobs that really should be left to tree professionals that have the experience and equipment to take care of your tree problems safely.

When Climbing is Needed

Tree climbing is a really specialist-trained skill. You need the right gear to work on a tree, like ropes, boot spikes, harnesses, heavy-duty chainsaws, eye protection and much more.
Climbing a tree can be a pretty dangerous task on its own. The combination of using a chainsaw while climbing is too dangerous to even think about for an untrained person, and the potential for damage or injury increases exponentially.

Trees in Tight Spaces

When you’ve got a tree in a tight space (house, fences, garages, gardens, etc.), you’re going to need to get the trimmings out without damaging the surrounding property. Arborists can:

1. Cut small pieces and throw them into a designated safety drop zone.
2. Lower large branches with specialized rigging equipment and ropes.
3. Use zip lines to bring large limbs and trunks out and away safely.
4. To fell the tree in the desired direction of safety and away from the nearby property.

Removal of Large Trees

When a really big tree needs removing, you need to get an arborist to do the job safely. Unless there is a lot of open space around, the tree will need to be cut into smaller pieces beginning high up, and this is no job for an amateur.

Professional Shaping and Pruning

We at Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance love and respect trees. An arborist will know exactly what to do for the proper maintenance and care of your tree. Arborists know that tree species vary in how they grow (location, climate, evergreen, deciduous, season, etc.) and apply these considerations before trimming. Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance has the #1 arborists in Newcastle.

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