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A palm tree gives a tropical feel, something special to your garden, something eye-catching between the native trees and plants. That is when they are well looked after! As they grow, they get tall and can be hard to maintain. The hanging foliage, known as fronds, can become an eyesore instead of something beautiful. They can even become dangerous and damage neighbouring buildings.

It's no small task to prune and trim a palm tree! The spikes on the leaves from a palm tree are sharp, cut through skin, or even take out an eye. Cutting one down, you may think, compared to other larger trees, would be easy. But this can be a dangerous task between the weight of the tree and the sharp and spiky leaves. That's why here at Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance, we always recommend using a professional climbing team to take care of your palm trees.

When Should I Prune My Palm Trees?

You should look into pruning your palm trees if you notice there are dead or dying fronds. As palm trees continually grow, the older fronds will start to go brown, sag, and eventually fall off.

Removing these fronds at the right time prevents damage from breakage and fire hazards and even stops pests like rats, insects and snakes from nesting among the dead foliage. But just as significantly, it will help with the overall health of your palm tree.

What Should I Avoid When Pruning My Palm Trees?

When Pruning or trimming your palm tree, many gardeners, amateur and professionals alike, make the mistake of over-pruning, removing healthy fronds. This mistake can weaken the tree, damaging the palm tree's health. In addition, removing too much foliage stops the process of photosynthesis, leaving the tree hungry for nutrients.

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Can I Prune The Tree Myself?

Of course, you can, but you run the risk of over-pruning the tree, which could, in turn, kill it. Also, dangerous animals and snakes can be living in the tree!

But more than that, our expert arborists know how to care for your tree. They know what fronds to remove and what time of the year is best to prune and keep your palm tree growing strong. They can easily detect illnesses in the tree or in the root, and sometimes it's something that only a trained eye will notice. Our experts can give you expert advice and analysis; call us now for a free consultation.

Your safety! We offer our palm tree maintenance and removal experts the highest standard of training and safety gear to ensure we can promote safe work standards on every job. Many people think they can care for a palm tree by themselves, and many end up regretting it. The risk of falling from a tree or having a sharp frond falling on top of you is more common than you think. Don't put yourself or your family in harm's way.

You might think that pruning the palm tree yourself will save you money. But if a heavy leaf or part of the tree falls, you might end up paying a lot more to repair the damage caused! We will gladly provide you with a free quote. In the long run, it might save you money.

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Do I Need To Remove My Palm Tree?

It's unfortunate, but sometimes a palm tree needs to be removed. There are various reasons you might have to remove a palm tree. One reason is disease and infection. If you see all the fronds start to discolour or wilt, your tree might need to be removed before it infects the surrounding trees.

Another reason could be roots becoming too big, damaging your property or your neighbours. Damage caused to properties and plumbing can be expensive if not dealt with in time.

If the tree becomes big enough, another common cause to remove it is that it starts to grow into a neighbouring property, causing complaints from your neighbours.

But before you even think about removing a tree, talk to a professional! We can treat most sicknesses. We can look for other options to stop damage to your property or your neighbours. If you do need to remove the tree, we can safely remove it without causing damage to surrounding properties.

Can Anyone Remove A Palm Tree?

Removing any tree can be dangerous. Palm trees are even more so! Don't run the risk of getting an amateur to do a professional-grade job. Instead, get local tradesmen for hassle-free, stress-free palm tree removal. Also, before we remove the tree, we'll give you A-Grade advice on possibly saving your palm tree.

Why Choose Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance?

We are local tradesmen, fully licensed, fully trained and fully insured. All our work is carried out in accordance with local laws. Meaning, zero problems for you!

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