What Is Hazardous Tree Assessment?

Healthy trees add significant value to our property, health and well-being. In addition, spending time outdoors can bring us great joy, but if your property is harbouring a hazardous tree, the safety of your outdoor space could be at risk. Some tree issues can be straightforward to spot ourselves, and we will quickly become aware that a tree needs to be maintained or removed. However, some hazards can be tricky to spot for the untrained eye, and there could be a hazardous tree lurking in your garden without you even knowing it!

Suppose you want to ensure that the trees on your property are safe and hazard-free. In that case, our professional Newcastle Tree Maintenance team can carry out a hazardous tree assessment to help you decide if any of your trees must be trimmed or removed. They can then assist you in carrying out any maintenance or tree removal necessary. Call us today on 02 4003 4400 to receive a free consultation.

But what classes as a hazardous tree? And how is the assessment process carried out? Read on to find out more!

What is a Hazardous Tree?

A hazardous tree can be defined as any tree with decay, dead branches, or any other kind of structural defect. These defects can cause a tree to become weak, unstable and at risk of falling, which poses an extreme hazard to your property.

These hazardous trees can be especially dangerous during windy weather or storms, when branches, debris or even the tree itself can be blown over onto your garden or home!

When trees are overgrown, damaged, or poorly maintained, dead branches and other debris have a higher risk of falling, causing severe injury to people, pets and property.

However, even healthy trees can be called hazardous if they interfere with local power lines or cause visual obstructions for motorists.

If tree roots are growing underneath your home or other structures, these can also cause a significant hazard and will need to be assessed. This can be done by carrying out a hazardous tree assessment!

Only a professional Newcastle arborist is trained to judge each tree's situation to decide on the safest course of action to protect you and your property. But what does tree hazard assessment involve?

What is a Hazardous Tree Assessment?

A tree hazard assessment involves a thorough inspection of a tree to identify any issues or hazards that pose a threat to the safety of your property. It is imperative to get the help of a qualified, trained Newcastle arborist to carry out this assessment, as they have the necessary knowledge required to make wise and safe decisions.

A qualified arborist will take into account a variety of factors. This includes determining how native trees grow in the local area, if the tree has been cared for properly, if the weather or soil conditions have affected the tree’s structural integrity and even how buildings and other construction may affect the tree. They will also be able to determine how likely it is that any branches, or even the tree itself, will fall onto your property. Let’s take a look at some of these factors in greater detail.

Tree Health - During the assessment, the overall condition and health of the tree will be inspected. A trained arborist will look at the condition of the bark, density of the crown, leaf colour and more to determine how healthy the tree is. They will also check how well the tree has healed itself and how much deadwood is on the tree.

Tree History - Another factor to consider is the tree's history, including whether it has had any previous failures, such as falling branches. They will use this information to determine the likelihood of future failures. Past instances of insect infestation are also an important area to consider when assessing a hazardous tree.

Failure Consequences - Both the tree health and history are considered when determining the likelihood of future failures. Once these future hazards have been determined, a trained arborist will then assess the consequences and targets of future failures. For example, if this branch or tree falls, what structures or property could be damaged? Does it pose a potential risk to the safety of people or pets? The answers to these questions will heavily influence an arborist in their hazardous tree assessment.

If any serious threats are identified during the hazardous tree assessment, a trained professional will then decide on options for tree maintenance or, if necessary, removal. During the entire hazardous tree assessment, the safety of people and property is of primary importance in any decision made.

Of course, an experienced Newcastle tree maintenance specialist will always try to save a tree if possible. But in the event that a hazardous tree does need removing, make sure you do not attempt this yourself as it is a dangerous job. Instead, enlist the help of trained arborists, such as our specialist services of tree removal in Lake Macquarie!

Professional Tree Maintenance Newcastle

If you are concerned about the safety of your property and feel that one or more of your trees pose a risk, call in our experts in tree maintenance Newcastle!

They will be able to carry out a professional and thorough hazardous tree assessment to determine any issues with trees on your property that may need to be addressed. Then, they can carry out maintenance or tree removal to protect the safety of both you, your family, and your property.

Our team are trained specialists in tree maintenance and removal whilst also taking the utmost care of your property during the entire process.

Identifying trees that could pose a danger now or in the future is one of our specialities. Because our Newcastle arborists have years of experience in tree hazard assessments, you can be sure that your property will be in safe hands.

If you suspect that one of your trees could be hazardous, don't wait around! Instead, act to protect yourself and your property today, by calling us now on 02 4003 4400 for a free consultation.

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